Sunday, April 12, 2015

Positive communication with parents + FREE printable!

Positive and on going communication with the parents of children in your class is always important, but often this communication can be quite formal (in the form of reporting and parent meetings etc.) and not especially child friendly.

This 'Just thought you'd like to know' note template is the perfect way to celebrate success in all areas, and one that my class always loved!
Click here to download your free note template!
Keep a pile of these notes printed and ready to go in the classroom, then whenever an amazing effort is made by a child (academically, socially or emotionally) that warrants some extra recognition and praise, send the child to grab a note and fill it out together.  Watching you write the note about how much progress they’re making always causes them to puff up with pride….. and choosing their ‘prescription’ is the icing on the cake!

I've even been known to stop the whole lesson to quickly fill one out (much to the delight of one lucky little monkey!) which also allowed the child to bask in the high fives and shared joy of their classmates.  You can vary the 'prescriptions' on the bottom of the template depending on what might best motivate your students, or even let them suggest some options!  You could also include some rewards that could be used in class (time on the computer out to play 5 minutes early etc.) but there's something really special about them taking the note home to celebrate with their family.

Wishing you a term of cheerful communication,
Grubbily yours,