Monday, January 19, 2015

The Wonders of Science!

Two little girls with magnifying glass outdoors in the day time

For the past 8 years I was a reading intervention teacher, but now that I'm back in my own full time classroom, I'm loving all the core curriculum I missed out on! Let me tell kids LOVE Science! Nothing excites them as much as seeing me set up with hands on materials for a science lesson. Well, maybe except for cupcakes and party favors!

Science quote

We are currently studying matter. The kids loved this simple and CHEAP experiment we did that clearly illustrated the concept of water surface tension. We had been reading about the skin, or surface tension of water, in language arts. I could tell they didn't grasp the concept. So a quick Google break netted this gem. Basically all you need is some water, a container, black pepper and some dish soap. All things we had access to that day. Since I always forget to take pictures, I recreated the experiment at home so you would have a visual. 

Water surface tension Materials needed.Step two Step 2. Add pepper to the water. Be sure the water is still.
Step 3. add dish soap 
Step 3 dip soapy toothpick into the center of the water filled container.

  What you can't tell by the pictures is how dramatic this experiment is, even though it is so simple. The pepper races to the edge of the bowl. One thing I did learn by doing this at home, is that the restaurant style pepper with the larger grains, is going to allow some of the pepper to sink. Using regular style pepper is best to demonstrate how the pepper floats on the surface.

Free Science Experiment
Click to download 

  I'm leaving you with your own downloadable copy of the experiment, as well as several response sheets your students can use as part of the scientific process or within your ELA block. You can click the experiment, or {HERE}, to download your copy. I hope your class enjoys this as much as mine did! Until next time!



  1. I am always looking for great science experiments! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I love that pepper experiment - it's so nice to be able to use simple ingredients from around the house to demonstrate such a cool concept! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Awesome sauce, lady! Great idea to do a science experiment to help them visualize what they are reading about.

  4. My students were in awe watching this simple experiment. That makes it so worthwhile for me to do the little extras that create that meaning for them. Thank you for your comments!