Friday, January 23, 2015

Quality Students and FREEBIES!

Hello! My name is Pam and I am half of SOL Train Learning. I am so blessed to have my daughter Brittany as my partner! I have been teaching for a little over 30 years and I have been on TPT for almost 2 years. My daughter and I recorded a Social Studies CD with songs for K-3, and my son-in-law actually introduced me to TPT. He said that we should sell our songs on TPT, so we did. Soon, we had people asking us to make curriculum to go with the songs, so we did that too!
I have been fortunate to meet some awesome educators on this journey and I am also honored and excited to be joining some of them on this blog.

One of our first songs we wrote was "Quality Student" It is a song about behavior and how to be a quality student. The students learn to spell "quality" as they sing about what each letter stands for. Ya'll can grab the song while we have it for free. After we sing the song, we have a class meeting about what the words mean and how the students should behave. They love singing and dancing to this upbeat song:)

The picture of the penguin is Quality Quentin. He is my classroom mascot. My kiddos take turns taking him home. They just love him! These are a few things they have given him. They also take his journal home and write about their time with him. The great thing is Quality Quentin only goes home with "quality" students, so my students work hard to be able to take him home.

I also talk to students about how they can earn  Quentin Dollars when they are Quality Students.  They also can lose them if they are not being quality students.  They get to go to the store when they earn 10 and they can save up 20 to get larger items.  The cool thing about this is they are learning about saving money to purchase something bigger.  I also had students to use their dollars to buy gifts for family members.  One little girl even asked about getting something for her brother's birthday but didn't have enough dollars, so I loaned them to her and was able to give her a mini lesson on loaning money from a bank.  It was great! And she was so proud and happy to be giving her brother a present that she felt like she earned.  I use these dollars now as my behavior system because it is so much easier and it takes away the pressure from the kiddos when they were changing their signs.  It is a free download in our store.  I just run them off in grayscale.

We also have this free Quality Student poem about behavior. It also has a cute Quality Quentin puppet that your kiddos can color and cut out.

We saw how much our kiddos and other students were learning through these songs, so we decided we wanted to record a science CD, so we need ya'll to watch our kick starter video and see the prizes that are available, and please donate if you can and share the Kickstarter with anyone who loves to teach with music! Just click on the picture below to check it out:)

Thank you so much!


  1. I've always loved your logo - so nice to learn some more about Quentin!!

    1. Thank you! He has really helped with my kiddos class behavior:)

  2. Interesting to learn more about your mascot!
    Burke's Special Kids

  3. Thanks! After we wrote the song Quality Student, we created Quality Quentin. Our kiddos just love him! It is fun to see what shows up in his bag the next day from one of the students.:)

  4. Love the alliteration! That's how I came up with Lopez Land Learners!! Quentin is much quter though! Sorry, couldn't help myself!! Great post.. how fabulous you can team up with your daughter!! So blessed you are!


    1. Thank you! I like yours too! It is a great blessing working with my daughter, and she is expecting my first granddaughter so we are very excited about that!